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I grew up among the woods and waters of Northern Wisconsin, where my family instilled in me a love for all things outdoors. My early years were spent studying recreation, biology, and working as a naturalist in experiential education centers around the country. A few highlights include dragging canoes (and kids) through the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota, backpacking, canoe and sea kayak trips with co-ed groups, young women and mother/daughter teams in Maine and New Hampshire, facilitating wilderness retreats for women and founding a marine science and leadership semester school for 10th grade girls. I've paddled the upper river of the Colorado, explored the Allagash, come face to face with more than one moose, made an amazing summit of Mount Rainier and swam with sharks - the natural world is grand and glorious! When I moved to Maine I became a Registered Maine Guide, followed by becoming a Sea Kayak Guide, where I completely fell in love with the ocean.

As time marched on, possibly additionally inspired by my time spent working on an oyster farm, a small motorboat found its way into my life, and a whole new world of exploration and discovery opened. I began translating my sea kayak skills to the deeper ocean, and the motor enabled me to see more in each coveted slice of time I was able to escape to the water. And now, three boats and many years later, I've earned my Captain's License and have enjoyed sharing the magic of the Maine coast with family and friends.

I've welcomed additional learning and exploration by becoming a Yoga Dance instructor, followed by earning my Registered Yoga Teacher Certification. More recently, I've focused my energies on life coaching, mindfulness, and Embodied Transformation. I earned my ACC coaching credential with the International Coaching Federation, and am a Core Practitioner of Presence-Based® Coaching and Positive Intelligence. Becoming more present, open, connected and on purpose has been life-changing, and the process of becoming aware has ignited more choice in my life. I welcome an additional conversation on this should it be of interest to you.

My connection to the natural world is one of the things I most value about this life, and as the years pass and I witness our constant inundation with technology, speed and information overload, I feel increasingly fortunate to be opening up to slowing down and listening. It is a gift to live on the Maine coast and have access to the freedom and healing powers of the ocean. I began Grateful Mornings to share the splendor I've experienced with like-minded souls who might not have the same access I do. I don't venture out to give a history of the forts or to share island lore, and it's not my intention to interpret the boats or the beings whose paths we cross. Instead, the invitation is to leave the chatter at the dock and venture out together, letting Mother Ocean guide the way. I always, always, always come back from time on the water more relaxed, refreshed and grateful. If this resonates for you, I invite you to contact me to arrange time for us to share a peaceful putter.

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