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Grateful Mornings Maine Casco Bay

It's not about filling the silence,

it's about letting the silence fill you.

P. Erickson


There's a lot of noise in our world, and a lot of noise in our heads. As we slowly venture out along the coastline and among the islands, the invitation is to leave the chatter behind. Perhaps silence your cell phone and tuck it into a pocket, leaving the pressures of time on shore. We won't be in a rush to get anywhere, instead, we'll simply be.

Over the course of our time together, you might find yourself sitting in the bow, taking in the sunrise, watching as the light layer of low fog gives rise to the possibility of the day. Perhaps you cozy up under a warm blanket and sip a cup of hot tea. As we putter along, we might offer a nod to the islands we're passing or point to a pod of playful harbor porpoises that have chosen to follow in our wake. The sounds we hear are the call of an osprey overhead, or a bell on a nearby buoy.

Undoubtedly, we'll share a quiet chuckle and glance of gratitude as a curious harbor seal pops her head out of the water and climbs onto a slice of barnacle-covered ledge. Sometimes, we can even hear the sound of the rising sun sparkling like diamonds on the water. What's more, you'll make space for your own thoughts as we mosey our way around the magical, island-speckled coast that is Casco Bay.

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